Executive / Senior Leadership  

Executive Director - Xadean Q. Ahmasi,

Deputy Director - Senia Keels

Director of Behavioral Health & Youth/Family Services - Dr. Hannah Thomas, PhD

Director of Housing & Community Development - Herbert Swain

Director of Economics, Labor, & Career Development - Nomination under consideration

Director of Security, Safety, & Survival - Edward R. Anderson

Director of Education - Alexandra Turner

Director of Finance - Nomination under consideration

Director of Events & Marketing - Caroline Kim

Director of Agriculture - Wesley Taylor

Director of Edicts, Ethics & Compliance - Joseph Neal

Director of Cultural Diversity & Inclusion - Francisco Humbert

General Counsel - Maya Bangudi

Director of Public Relations, Information & Communications - Karla Reyes Humbert

Chief Technology Officer - Nomination under consideration

Director of Health & Wellness - Rodnina Hallgren

Director of Social Justice - Nomination under consideration

Director of Political & Foreign Affairs - Nomination under consideration

Director of Dispute Resolution & Error Correction - K Ka


Chairman - Xadean Q. Ahmasi

Xadean is a Business Technology Executive leveraging both an extensive background in technology and exceptional leadership skills to drive multi-million-dollar revenue growth and profits.  He is a co-founder of The Brotherhood, Inc..  Xadean’s leadership approach leverages critical thinking and operational analysis to streamline processes and achieve optimal outcomes.
Xadean has cultivated an extensive personal network in order to establish strategic and long-term partnerships for the purpose of successfully collaborating in order to be effective in accomplishing goals.
Xadean’s creative vision, attention to detail, and ability to effectively assess talent and delegate tasks has been instrumental to his leadership successes. Xadean’s biggest strength lies in his ability to quickly break down problems by actively listening to people’s concerns and leverage a blend of both practical and innovative approaches to create simple, holistic solutions to meet their needs.
Xadean is the father of two children and enjoys philosophical discussions, good food (especially desserts), fitness, martial arts, sports, learning new skills, traveling, and long naps.

Chair of Social Equality Committee – Nomination under review

Chair of Community Development Committee – Herbert Swain

Chair of Career & Labor Force Development Committee – Nomination under review

Chair of Security & Safety Committee – Nomination under review

Chair of Education Committee – Alex Turner

Chair of Economic Development & Sustainment Committee – Nomination under review

Chair of Membership Committee – Senia Keels

Chair of Agriculture Committee - Wes Taylor

Chair of Governance & Compliance (Accountability, Audit & Supervisory) Committee - Joseph Neal

Chair of Events Committee – Nancie Johnson

Chair of Cultural Affairs Committee - Francisco Humbert

Chair of Political Inclusion Committee – Nomination under review

Chair of Finance & Compensation Committee – Erika LopezTello

Chair of Focus Group & Forum Committee – Nomination under review

Note: Biographies for each of the key team members above are coming soon.