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(r)espond (e)mpower (a)dvance (c)ommunity (h)ope and w(h)oleness
The Brotherhood Incorporated (“TBHI”, “The Brotherhood” or “The Brotherhood, Inc.) is a charitable, non-profit organization formed under strict adherence to the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) and operated exclusively for exempt purposes so that none of its earnings are inured to any private shareholder or individual, nor benefit of private interests.​

On February 27, 2014, President Barack Obama joined with philanthropy and the private sector to launch an initiative to advance achievement of and opportunity for boys and young men of color, as well as address persistent opportunity gaps faced by members of this underprivileged/underserved population and ensure that all young people who are willing to do the hard work to get ahead can reach their full potential.

In accordance with this Executive action, the Brotherhood, Inc. has been established to advocate, protect, and uphold the divine rights bestowed upon the Human Family under “God’s” Law of freedom, truth, justice, equality, peace, and protection from oppression, tyranny, harsh domination, confinement, slavery, involuntary servitude, indignity, or disrespect.

The Brotherhood, Inc. consists of male and female members of diverse cultures and backgrounds who share a sincere interest and commitment in the founding missions and principles. Calls to action are structured and executed as defined initiatives.

Our inaugural initiative REACH (which is an acronym that stands for (R)espond (E)mpower (A)dvance (C)ommunity (H)ope and wholeness) is focused on priority areas that include women and children, senior citizens, minorities, civil rights or social justice, and mental health.

Resolutions to the social, economic, and political concerns facing our communities will only be achieved through structured, controlled, and organized action by the power of the people. We welcome and encourage your participation and support to realize freedom, justice, dignity, and equality for all people.