Still so much more to do!

It has been wonderful see people and treat them at the temporary clinic in Chabin. There are wonderful people here and they are more than welcoming to us. Even though this is only our second year, I think our relationships with the Lifeline Haiti, Kids Against Hunger and Pastors Placide and Christian have already done the work to open the people’s hearts to us.

But there is so much still to do. Even as we work together to make a difference on the foothills surrounding Jacmel, we know there are also mountains there. There is the hard work we see, and the difference we can make in Chabin, but there is always another mountain of troubles beyond this place. “The poor are always with us”, according to Jesus, and they are. When we have time, or energy, or resources, at any moment, there will always be a need that could be met, a pain that could be softened, a belly that can be filled.  We just need to keep our eyes open to their needs.

running in baie d'orange

There will still also be a way to grab a piece of joy, even in a harsh place. When waiting for the rains means you wait for the crops, there can be sadness or fear, but at least for this little girl, it makes a better place for running. I hope that all the people still waiting for help, can find joy in some moments.  And I am always praying that help will get there.

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Eventful day at clinic!

Quite an eventful day at our clinic today! We came a little later than yesterday due to a quick stop at the local pharmacy to pick up 2 medications. When we arrived, we had around 100 patients lined up at the door waiting for us!! We did best we could to try and get as many patients in as possible but we still had to turn away 50 patients and asked them to come back tomorrow :( Official statistics for day 3 of clinic: 112 patients, 1 BG testing, 2 vaccines, 3 wounds treatments, 3 prescription immunizations, 2 positive cases of malaria, and 355 prescriptions filled :) Tomorrow is the last day of our clinic, please pray for us so the we have enough energy to help as many patients as we can!
The REACHH Team,
Ben, Cheryl, Stacy, Vanessa, Brenda, Camille, Kim, Phat, Kelly, Emily, Aaron, Jill, Rich & Christopher.





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We’re Here! (and they were waiting for us)

IMG_0271First day of clinic of 2013 and we were able to see 56 patients. There were a few wrinkles along the way. Our 3 nursing students from Denver turned into eight (with 5 Iowans here for a malaria study) and we set up in a different area of the school. We carried far more medications to the clinic and we had 5 new members of the team. But the important things stayed the same. They were kind and welcoming to us and we saw many of the same people. Not just Pastor Christian and our translators (Linea, Stanley, Maya, Josua, ), but patients’ Ladinn, Bebe, Pierre, Wiler Michel, and Alfred. Doctor Calix and Louis also said they were blessed to see us again, with Dr Calix hoping we could start earlier tomorrow. He has been asking Laura (one the staff people at CCH) when we would arrive for several weeks and when Camille finally got on her email this evening Dr Calix had already been asking when we would arrive. He is eager to help the people in Chabin.
We were able to see 56 patients and fill 159 prescriptions today, which was incredible for the first day. One four month old patient was particularly touching to us. The father needed to work during the days and wasn’t able to bring his child to the hospital in Jacmel for vaccines. Hearing about us, he carried his child up to our clinic in Chabin. When, after the baby’s vaccinations, he had to wait for scabies medicine, he carried his baby back down to his house to the mom and walked back up to pick up the medications. He spent the day walking up and down the mountain, probably about 6 hours, to take care of his child. Rather than being frustrated, he was thankful for us.
As an aside, I was able to drive in Haiti today (following the tap-tap up the mountain). Not surprisingly, with the suspension abused by driving over the Haitian roads, it handled like a dinghy in rough seas. Fortunately, for all the lack of traffic rules and continual horn honking, the drivers are very courteous and the four of us in the truck were able to make it back safely.

And be sure to check out the facebook page (relief education and assistance for community health in Haiti). Aaron put up a bunch of pictures.

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We are here!

Leaving the Airport
The team has landed in Haiti! We did experience some delays in the Port-au-Prince airport and during the drive. But we are all safe and sound at the Jacmel mission house and hoping to get rested tonight. Church and a visit to Pastor Placide’s orphanage tomorrow!

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Leaving for Haiti in T-5 Days!

Hello REACHH blog followers!

As the title states, we have just over 5 days to go until our much anticipated trip to Haiti over the spring break.  We are excited to continue in REACHHaiti’s mission  to provide sustainable health care in Haiti by educating the community, improving hygiene, providing immunizations, and working towards building a permanent clinic in Chabin, Haiti.  With lots of planning and coordination, REACHHaiti was able to send its first group of students (pharmacy and nursing students) and pharmacists to Haiti during spring break of 2012. They were able to set up a temporary clinic in a school house for the week, and served patients with a wide range of medical needs.

This coming spring break, we will get a chance to revisit the rural town of Chabin, Haiti, and serve the local people with our team of pharmacy students, nurses, pharmacist, and physicians. There is still a lot of planning to get done, however, it will be well worth the effort. We cannot wait to share our experiences with you guys. Please check back soon to see updates from us in Haiti!!  Below are some pictures from our packing party two Saturdays ago.


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Thank You, Dr. Remmel

Rory Remmel, Ph.D.

Thanks to Dr. Rory Remmel for donating $3,000 towards our effort to set up a permanent clinic in Chabin! Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

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Next Fundraiser: First Course

First CourseOur fundraising dinner at Sen Yai Sen Lek was a success, raising $811 for the March trip!

Our next event is coming up soon. We are holding a fundraising banquet at First Course in South Minneapolis on Wednesday, February 20. Social hour starts at 6:00 PM and the dinner at 7:00 PM. Cost is $50/person. This was a great event last year!

You can see the details and how to RSVP on the event’s Facebook page. See you there!


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Welcome to the new website!

Hello everyone! Our new site is live. Take a look around!

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Recent Fundraiser

The REACHH group held a successful fundraiser at Cub Foods in St. Louis Park, MN last week running the grill in front of the store selling hotdogs, hamburgers, and bratwurst.  We are hoping to do it again in August so  look for an update if your in the Twin Cities area!

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Preparing for the 2013 Trip

Kelly and Camille spent the entire day today working on a manual that can be used for students in the years to come. It is currently about 33 pages long and we are not done. I wish people that are going to be reading it good luck!

Another update: We have our two pharmacy preceptor chosen for next year- Hurray!

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