Please pray for and help support Laura!

Now that we are home, we have an opportunity to continue to pray for the efforts of those that stay behind to run the show. In addition to prayer, I would like to ask for your help in buying a new mattress for our CCH RN coordinator staying at Isaiah House. Laura is an incredible person who worked behind the scenes to make sure pretty much EVERYTHING happened in Haiti. Not only supporting our clinic but just about every move we needed to make was orchestrated by her. She has some very painful back issues that kept her from completely enjoying our time and efforts, and even kept her from attending some of our times of binding together. You could see the pain in her face and in the slowness and deliberation of her walk. Although a decent mattress is not going to cure her condition, We know it will give her some relief and hopefully slow any worsening. In order to get a new and unused mattress, Laura will have to get it in Port Au Prince for approx. $500. She is basically the acting medical director and without her, many efforts would be lost. I also want to add, that just recently, Laura answered the call on her heart to open a children’s home, essentially an orphanage. She truly needs all the help and prayers we can offer. Will you join me to help in this small but meaningful way? 20140108_143512

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Hanging out

Glad I had the chance to step away from the patients and the pharmacy for a little while to hang out and play with the kids we saw and that came to visit everyday.  They are filled with so much joy and laughter.  As Rich mentioned, some of the children came and were seen at the clinic by themselves.Hanging out with the kids

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Out of her shell;)

imageBelieve it or not, the little one on the right had to be coaxed out of the bushes on the first day of clinic. Her mom would not allow her to be treated, unsure why, but after she was convinced of her daughter’s safety in our midst, she was there at the entrance to the clinic waiting for our arrival every day after. Her smile was infectious, and reward enough after a long day.

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Gone Tomorrow

One of my favorite parts in working at the clinic is giving children their single-dose anti-infective medicine – in PEANUT BUTTER! Only one of over a dozen children I gave this to didn’t absolutely love it. It was so much fun watching their faces and seeing how they knew exactly what to do because their friend had taken it too and told them about it. I hope and pray the calories from the peanut butter do them some good as well. Several of the children we have seen are malnourished and shorter than they should be as a result. Wishing we could do more, and very sad it is our last day.

I am thankful for this opportunity to serve and have seen and learned a great deal. Thank you to the people who brought me, Rich, Molly, and Amparo, they are wonderful people and have amazing hearts for others and for the Haitian people. I have come to learn of the amazing community spirit Haitians have for one another and am humbled by their love for life.

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Hard to believe….

imageThere are many things that are hard to believe in Haiti, but the hardest right now is that it is coming to an end. Today was beautiful in so many ways….. from the kids who came to say goodbye after school, the severely hypertensive woman who insisted that I accept her hand made cell phone case as a token of gratitude, to the dream like masterpiece of Basin Bleu. One of the PT students who accompanied us on our mission, said he lowered his expectations for himself concerning this mission in relation to some advice he received from an advisor; that he needed to remember that he won’t be changing the world on this short trip……. with all due respect to the advisor, I believe she is wrong. In the wise and humble words of some of the greatest humanitarians and philanthropists of our time…..indeed, it only takes one person to bring a change to the world. Most of us don’t remember organizations that impacted our lives, we remember the people. According to the Lord Jesus Christ, true religion is caring for the widows and the orphans….. and that is exactly what we did. God bless the people of Haiti and the many hands that helped to change, perhaps even save, just one life here.

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One more day


It was a day  of joy and sadness, like so many others here.  Joys at being able to help so many, to talk with those living in Mt Fleurie and to laugh with the kids there along with the translators and the other Haitians working with us.  But real sadness at the circumstances of some of our patients.  I wanted to talk to the parents of one of our young patients (she was twelve) but was told that she had none.  She was an orphan.  When I talked to her, she listened as intently as she could because she was the only one to take care of her.  When she repeated back, she was completely clear with everything that I said.  I thought, “This precious girl could do great things, but it may be that she will never have the chance.”  Please join me in praying for her.

We also walked up the hill in front of the clinic to get a view of the area we are serving. It is obviously poor, but also VERY beautiful. The church we are using as the clinic is to the right with the blue tarp.  We get to see everyone again tomorrow and will miss everyone terribly when we get back on our plane.

Thanks to everyone for your support!

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Many needs…….many hands

The highlight of my day was seeing the look on a severely malnourished woman with a BG of 62 take her first sip of ensure! The look on her face will sustain me for a long time to come. We have been faithful in prayer and the Lord bound together some who had never even met to be his hands and his feet. May the Lord continue to go before us.

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First Day of the Clinic

It was an absolute blessing to be here today.  The translators who work with CCH, along with Rubinste, the director in Haiti, have tremendous joy at their work along with love and respect for the people they are helping.

Today we were able to have physical therapists with us along with Amparo (pictured), Jackie and Molly.  It was great to have a really complete team to work with the people there.  It’s great, too, to be part of a group that has plans towards building healthy communities that can become independent of our help.image

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Mikenson Takes His First Steps

Some very cool work that CCH, our parent organization, is doing in Haiti.


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Back from Haiti

We had a very successful trip to Haiti this year.  We saw 383 patients in our temporary clinic in Chabin.  The diseases varied widely; a large portion of the patients were anemic, many had parasitic or bacterial infections.   We filled a total of 1,238 prescriptions in the four days our clinic was open, all hand filled with Haitian Creole written labels. IMG_0257

Our nurses were busy running patient intake, taking care of wound cleanings, as well as administering antibiotic injections and vaccinations.



We had great doctors with us whose dedication to seeing as many patients as possible barely allowed them the time to eat or take a break. We made changes in operations each day and improved the rate in which patients circulated through the clinic.   On the last day of clinic we were pleased that we did not have to turn anyone away.



Each member of our team thoroughly enjoyed the trip this year. We were able to provide care to so many of the community members in Chabin, and you could tell that they appreciated it by the smiles on their faces as they left the clinic with their hygiene kits and medications. At the orphanage we were able to play with and provide some toys and clothes for the children. The whole experience was overly worthwhile, and we know that the team is excited to go back next year.



Above all, we want to thank all of our supporters for their donations and help in making this trip possible.  We appreciate the the hard work and effort that each contributor has made to REACHH.  All of the medications and supplies that we didn’t use were donated to the CCH clinic in Jacmel, where patients can continue to receive the care they need.IMG_0465

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