REACHH Team in Haiti, March 2012REACHH was created by a group of students from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity.

We are a group working with health care professionals, students, Haitian health officials, and local community leaders to create culturally sensitive, patient-centered health care interventions. These trips give the participants the opportunity to provide otherwise nonexistent health care in southeast Haiti by educating the community, treating acute conditions, and providing immunizations. The medical missions consist of immunizing Haitian children with the Polio, MMR, and Tdap vaccines. We see patients with acute bacterial infections and other prevalent conditions such as malnutrition, parasitic infections and malaria. Typically, we treat several hundred patients during these trips.

The health professionals and students work with Haitian doctors, interpreters, the local health department, and schools to set up our temporary clinics. These missions provides hands on experience with the health care of not only a foreign country, but a struggling country. Initiatives such as these will help improve underprivileged communities that do not have access to health care.

These annual trip support our goals of ultimately building clinics to service the areas we serve that will be run by Haitian healthcare workers year round.