Please pray for and help support Laura!

Now that we are home, we have an opportunity to continue to pray for the efforts of those that stay behind to run the show. In addition to prayer, I would like to ask for your help in buying a new mattress for our CCH RN coordinator staying at Isaiah House. Laura is an incredible person who worked behind the scenes to make sure pretty much EVERYTHING happened in Haiti. Not only supporting our clinic but just about every move we needed to make was orchestrated by her. She has some very painful back issues that kept her from completely enjoying our time and efforts, and even kept her from attending some of our times of binding together. You could see the pain in her face and in the slowness and deliberation of her walk. Although a decent mattress is not going to cure her condition, We know it will give her some relief and hopefully slow any worsening. In order to get a new and unused mattress, Laura will have to get it in Port Au Prince for approx. $500. She is basically the acting medical director and without her, many efforts would be lost. I also want to add, that just recently, Laura answered the call on her heart to open a children’s home, essentially an orphanage. She truly needs all the help and prayers we can offer. Will you join me to help in this small but meaningful way? 20140108_143512

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