Hard to believe….

imageThere are many things that are hard to believe in Haiti, but the hardest right now is that it is coming to an end. Today was beautiful in so many ways….. from the kids who came to say goodbye after school, the severely hypertensive woman who insisted that I accept her hand made cell phone case as a token of gratitude, to the dream like masterpiece of Basin Bleu. One of the PT students who accompanied us on our mission, said he lowered his expectations for himself concerning this mission in relation to some advice he received from an advisor; that he needed to remember that he won’t be changing the world on this short trip……. with all due respect to the advisor, I believe she is wrong. In the wise and humble words of some of the greatest humanitarians and philanthropists of our time…..indeed, it only takes one person to bring a change to the world. Most of us don’t remember organizations that impacted our lives, we remember the people. According to the Lord Jesus Christ, true religion is caring for the widows and the orphans….. and that is exactly what we did. God bless the people of Haiti and the many hands that helped to change, perhaps even save, just one life here.

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