Gone Tomorrow

One of my favorite parts in working at the clinic is giving children their single-dose anti-infective medicine – in PEANUT BUTTER! Only one of over a dozen children I gave this to didn’t absolutely love it. It was so much fun watching their faces and seeing how they knew exactly what to do because their friend had taken it too and told them about it. I hope and pray the calories from the peanut butter do them some good as well. Several of the children we have seen are malnourished and shorter than they should be as a result. Wishing we could do more, and very sad it is our last day.

I am thankful for this opportunity to serve and have seen and learned a great deal. Thank you to the people who brought me, Rich, Molly, and Amparo, they are wonderful people and have amazing hearts for others and for the Haitian people. I have come to learn of the amazing community spirit Haitians have for one another and am humbled by their love for life.

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