Back from Haiti

We had a very successful trip to Haiti this year.  We saw 383 patients in our temporary clinic in Chabin.  The diseases varied widely; a large portion of the patients were anemic, many had parasitic or bacterial infections.   We filled a total of 1,238 prescriptions in the four days our clinic was open, all hand filled with Haitian Creole written labels. IMG_0257

Our nurses were busy running patient intake, taking care of wound cleanings, as well as administering antibiotic injections and vaccinations.



We had great doctors with us whose dedication to seeing as many patients as possible barely allowed them the time to eat or take a break. We made changes in operations each day and improved the rate in which patients circulated through the clinic.   On the last day of clinic we were pleased that we did not have to turn anyone away.



Each member of our team thoroughly enjoyed the trip this year. We were able to provide care to so many of the community members in Chabin, and you could tell that they appreciated it by the smiles on their faces as they left the clinic with their hygiene kits and medications. At the orphanage we were able to play with and provide some toys and clothes for the children. The whole experience was overly worthwhile, and we know that the team is excited to go back next year.



Above all, we want to thank all of our supporters for their donations and help in making this trip possible.  We appreciate the the hard work and effort that each contributor has made to REACHH.  All of the medications and supplies that we didn’t use were donated to the CCH clinic in Jacmel, where patients can continue to receive the care they need.IMG_0465

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One comment on “Back from Haiti
  1. Denise Sennett says:

    Great looking group :) So glad you had a successful trip. The University and the School of Pharmacy should be quite proud of your efforts. I look forward to hearing about plans for the 2014 trip.