Leaving for Haiti in T-5 Days!

Hello REACHH blog followers!

As the title states, we have just over 5 days to go until our much anticipated trip to Haiti over the spring break.  We are excited to continue in REACHHaiti’s mission  to provide sustainable health care in Haiti by educating the community, improving hygiene, providing immunizations, and working towards building a permanent clinic in Chabin, Haiti.  With lots of planning and coordination, REACHHaiti was able to send its first group of students (pharmacy and nursing students) and pharmacists to Haiti during spring break of 2012. They were able to set up a temporary clinic in a school house for the week, and served patients with a wide range of medical needs.

This coming spring break, we will get a chance to revisit the rural town of Chabin, Haiti, and serve the local people with our team of pharmacy students, nurses, pharmacist, and physicians. There is still a lot of planning to get done, however, it will be well worth the effort. We cannot wait to share our experiences with you guys. Please check back soon to see updates from us in Haiti!!  Below are some pictures from our packing party two Saturdays ago.


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