We have a dokte…again!


I don’t know what’s better; that we were able to see 81 people or that breakfast was done before we had to drive up the mountain.  Ok, as good as breakfast was, seeing 81 patients was incredible!  Some of the things that were tried, like having the translators walking with the patients worked great, and seemed to make the patients more comfortable. Going from place to place with the same person made the experience less foreign to them.  Of course, that didn’t always do the trick when they got their vaccines.  Rachel got the evil eye from several kids, knowing what was coming next.

Even some of the difficulties seemed more humorous than serious.  Little kids tend to pee when under stress, so a lot of us ended up cleaning up those messes, and of course there was the centipede.  It was so big that it seemed photo shopped, except that people were seeing it with their own eyes.  If any chickens go missing from Chabin, I think that is the most likely culprit.

I can’t believe we are coming up to the last day.  We were feeling a little tired at times today, but I’m hoping we can be refreshed.  I want our strength to be new.  This is our last day to be in Chabin, it’s our last day to make an impact until we return.  It’s our last day to build and strengthen our new relationships.  Please think of us and pray that we will have new strength and that we are fresh and new.

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