Real patients!

Today was incredible.  The part where we were waiting for the doctor and not knowing he would arrive wasn’t fun, but he did arrive at noon, and was willing to stay a little bit longer.  As we expected, nobody had their immunization cards the first day.  Tomorrow should be busier now that they know we’re here, and we’ll also have two doctors!  We are learning all the time to make things better for tomorrow and for the next time we take a trip.

One thing we won’t change is playing with the kids.   When we were waiting for the doctor, we had a lot of floor time with the kids, playing cards (Emily C came back with 39 of 52), playing clapping games, and wrestling for the boys.  And there were still wonderful parts when we started seeing the kids.

The second boy had been smiling the whole time he was waiting, he made an impression on everyone, but when he saw the person ahead of him get a shot, all the fun went out of him.  He was miserable and terrified right through the shots and until he opened the gift bag.  His face got ever brighter as he got through the gifts, almost bubbling over when he got to the toothbrush.  I mean, a TOOTHBRUSH!  A little girl came a little later and she only grimaced when she got her shot.  The little boy said, “ou pat kriye?” (you didn’t cry?) she had this proud, smug look and shook her head no. Rachel told him, “she didn’t cry, are you surprised,” and he nodded with big eyes.

It’s amazing that it’s working out.  It is only beginning.  Keep remembering us.  Keep praying for us and for Haiti.

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