Waiting for Chabin


It was another day waiting for the clinic to start.  We had church twice, once with Pastor Placide from Lifeline Haiti, and then with a group of people involved with and running NGOs that were down at the beach.  It was a great place to meet people and they were encouraged to have us there.  More people sharing a burden lightens it for everyone.

We were an hour late for church today, but then, so was the rest of the church, and the pastors, too.  Apparently Haiti decided to start observing daylight savings time for the first time in ten years.  Even later in the day, our driver was referring to times and asking if we meant, “the old four o’clock or the new four o’clock”.

We are eager, waiting for the clinic to start.  It’s a miracle that we have vaccines coming at ten (confirmed at 9 o’clock this morning) and a doctor (confirmed today in the afternoon).  We are going to set up for just a few hours tomorrow to see how it runs, hoping that will be ok with our patients.  The next three days will be full days.

After church most of the team went for one last swim.  It will be a busy week with a lot of hard work.  We are hoping that being encouraged today will lift us up for the rest of the week.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  It becomes more real for us every day!

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