While we were networking…


The team discussing access issues for the clinic in Chabin.

After seeing the hospital and securing a doc and vaccines for the clinic Monday, we needed to network with another doc who could have helped us.  It turns out his house was in a kind of nice spot.

Other than the swim, the day was amazing.  We visited the hospital that had air flowing freely, including the mosquitos, into every room except the OR.  In the pediatric ward, all the kids were so small, several of them newborns, one so small that it could have fit within the 1L IV bag they were using.  It was wrapped in something like tinfoil to keep warm.  We gave the moms there stuffed animals but I wanted to do something substantial.  Most of the kids were too weak or young to notice the animals.

We also stopped at a nearby orphanage.  For an hour, it was good to have kids climbing all over us, playing with our cameras and just being kids.  It was fun, which we needed, and the swimming?  I think we needed that, too.

We are eager to start the clinic on Monday.  It is a miracle that we’ve made it this far!

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